MSN travel i see what you did here…not nice

The reason why i am writing this post in English is because i want my English friends to also understand it. I was on the web site today and the „50 cheapest countries to live in” article caught my eye. I knew i was going to find my home country Romania among them, but i wanted to see how they would present us. That is when i got pissed off mad.

You can find the article here and you will get redirected to the picture that represent Romania. Humor me and look at the other slides also. I don`t think you will find another country, no matter how poor or how many bad things you heard about it, that has a picture as bad as the one Romania has. Not even Bosnia, Pakistan, Albania or Moldova or any other included in that list. I will kindly ask you to come back from the article to my post and hear me out.

Now, i know my countries limitations and abouts. I am not saying it is the best country to live in, the most modern, best people, you get my drift. And we don`t have electricity or drainage in all the parts of the country. But guess what, so do other countries listed in that article. What i can certainly say is that Romania is a better country that the image from MSN travel suggests. They could have chosen a better picture for us as they could have chosen worse pictures for some of the other countries. But they didn`t  and i am wondering why… What ever it was that was not nice MSN.

Here are a couple of pictures they could choose next time for Romania:


And some for the OTHER countries in the MSN article:



  1. And Romania is Top 1 from their point of view? :-)) I don’t know who wrote the article, but she/he must be dumb to take into consideration the low average daily income. This means I am poor, not that I am living the dream and that I can afford more that I would in other countries. 🙂
    Thank you for the article, this is a reminder to not read MSN’s articles anymore.

    1. We were number 25 but i understand what you are saying. What made me really mad was the picture they chose for us as if we were the poorest country of all of the countries in the slides. We looked like it at least…

  2. It’s obvious from the title: 50 cheapest countries to live in, right? That’s why they put pictures to resemble poverty. I am just wondering if people living in rich countries, with high costs of living are happy. 🙂

    1. Agree but why is it that only our country looks the poorest from the pictures? Even Ethiopia, Bosnia or India look better than Romania and i don`t think they are actually better…

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