Nu stiu altii cum sunt, dar eu unul, oricat as incerca, nu pot sa ma uit la o poza in care apare castigatorul/castigatoarea Eurovisionului de anul acesta. Pur si simplu nu pot. Mi se face instantaneu greata.

Nu pot sa asociez nicicum un corp de femeie cu un cap cu mustata si barba. O fi ceva gresit in subconstientul meu? Daca ar fi fost o caricatura, poate as fi fost de acord, dar cand stiu ca e „pe bune” ceva in mine refuza sa se uite la asa ceva.

Pe langa asocierea capului cu barba cu trupul de femeie, avem si un nume asociat corespunzator. Daca „wurst” nu lasa niciun dubiu carei parti i se adreseaza, conchita in schimb poate avea mai multe intelesuri. Am cautat pe net sa vad care sunt semnificatiile cuvantului si am gasit urmatoarele:

Wiki Answers:

  • Conchita is short for Concepción which is a girls name. The nearest we have in English is Concepta, which I think is of Irish origin.

Dictionarul Babylon:

  • shell; seashell; conch, large sea shell; concha, outer ear (Anatomy); (vulgar) vagina

Dictionarul urban:

  • Spanish slang for „little cunt” also used as a first name. The literal origin is „little seashell”(thus it’s prevalence as a given name). Miguel: I’m dumping my girlfriend – all she does is bitch & nag at me. . .  Juan: Yeah, that Conchita is a real conchita, eh?
  • A sexy ass motherfucker. She’s possibly the most epic person you will ever meet. Tom: Did you see Conchita?  Jerry: Yeah, she’s amazing!
  • An intelligent, highly sexual, beastly, domi/vamp, partime doc/party animal, Nymphobraniac, complex, dark, intense, with the heart of a marshmallow, often attacks in dim lighting, prefer things in big sizes, coocoos when nervous, enjoy naked o’clock, statistical genius, reveal dork behavior when working, works better reading aloud, lover of Monchichi, and all around good ol time!
    I wanna be a „Conchita” when i grow up
  • A man who cleans and cooks for you. He’s a real Conchita, he spent the entire morning cleaning around the house
  • girls who try to dress nice but they are actually really ghetto they listen to „reggaeton” they often play their selves as „fancy people” but they are not, jump and clap at almost anything, they wear flashy colors and are shy sluts.  They also like to take pictures of themselves on fotologs hi five and ghetto websites like those with a bra and their daisy dukes pushing their butts out and wearing sunglasses at night. jesus: she was acting all conchita about it. rubi: I know and she dresses like a real conchita too
  • to make a prank phone call. „What should we do tonight at our slumber party?” „Let’s conchita someone!”

Pentru mine, Conchita era o mexicana frumusica din Vestul Salbatic. Acum s-a schimbat complet totul. Cu o simpla cautare pe Google poti observa asta.

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